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    Elana Woolf, LCPC, NCC

    Specializing in Anxiety, Couples, and Sex Therapy

    Elana’s primary expertise is in Anxiety, Couples work, and Trauma. She has completed training with the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and sex therapy training with The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute. She has taken courses taught by Esther Perel, Emily Nagoski, Janina Fische, and other profound experts and thought leaders of today. Elana is trained in Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) for trauma. Elana is a sex-positive and kink friendly therapist. Elana loves integrating her studies by weaving in various modalities to best help individuals as well as couples. She is particularly interested in the intersection of trauma and intimacy.

    All clients have a voice and take an active role in their therapy with Elana’s help. Clients report feeling comfortable “sharing anything” with Elana. Her approach facilitates couples and individuals to have difficult and vulnerable conversations (when they are ready) that can ordinarily be very challenging to have in day to day life. There is genuinely no judgment when you walk in the room with Elana, she accepts you fully as you are in that moment.

    Elana’s family immigrated to the United States from Russia (formerly USSR) in the late 80’s after being religiously and politically persecuted. She grew up in the DC area, attended Montgomery County Public Schools, and then went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree from University of Pittsburgh in Psychology, Russian and Eastern European Studies, and Fitness. She later completed her Master’s degree in Clinical and Community Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Elana worked at Vesta, Inc. a non-profit organization serving individuals with significant mental illness. Additionally, she acted as a mental health counselor at the Jessup Women’s Correctional Facility. Her time at Jessup increased Elana’s passion for victims of domestic violence, women’s health, and equality. Elana also served as a school counselor at Berman Hebrew Academy and Bullis School.

    Outside of work Elana enjoys quality time with family and friends in order to stay connected and happy. She loves to swim, bike, practice yoga, dance, and hike to maintain a sense of grounding and focus. Elana shared her contagious love for staying holistically healthy, without judgment, with her clients.

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