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  • Jason Waterman, Specialized Practicum Therapist

    Jason is passionate about helping people deal with issues of anxiety, screen addiction, habit change, self-compassion, shame, and finding purpose. His experience lends itself to working with men, late teens/young adults, and athletes. Jason is a specialized practicum therapist offering reduced rate therapy sessions. He offers a non-judgmental, collaborative exploration where clients can tap into their own capacity to heal, accept, and love themselves and others.

    Jason is fascinated by how the human mind works – why do we think, speak, and act the way that we do and how do those pieces relate to one another? His previous career explored this through behavioral economics for major corporations, but he has found much greater reward applying this passion towards helping others find happiness within themselves. To this end, he draws upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Exposure Therapy, and Mindfulness.

    A certified mindfulness meditation teacher, Jason has taught meditation to individuals and groups in settings ranging from schools to Fortune 500 companies. His passion for meditation grew after living in Southeast Asia for 18 months, originally going there on a US Fulbright Grant but staying to practice meditation in intensive Buddhist retreat settings throughout the region. He currently offers meditation teaching to incarcerated populations for the DC Department of Corrections, in hospice care for Montgomery County Hospice, and in a women’s shelter.

    In his spare time, Jason enjoys training for his first ultramarathon, rock climbing, and playing with shadows on the wall for his cat to chase.