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    Lizeth Del-Cid, Office Administrator

    Lizeth Del-Cid’s parents are from El Salvador; she was born in Maryland. Lizeth is a first-generation graduate and licensed social worker. She has interned at Holy Cross Hospital, Sandstone Care and J. David Collins, a drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation center, and Bethany Christian Services, working in transitional foster care of immigrant children. Lizeth is very passionate about helping others and believes that we can all make a difference one step at a time, starting with your phone call to us!

    Lizeth enjoys the outdoors in her free time, such as taking walks, hiking, and biking. Lizeth loves going to the beach and finds peace listening to the waves. She loves to take time to reflect and appreciate the beauty of the world. She values having a spiritual connection as well as one with family and friends.

    Lizeth aspires to spread love and genuine support to everyone she encounters in trying to make the world a better place.

    Often you will reach Lizeth when contacting us. Please let her know how we can help and best serve you!