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  • Couples Therapy Services at The Woolf Center 

    Every relationship has its challenges, and sometimes seeking professional support can make all the difference in overcoming those challenges. At the Woolf Center, our couples therapists provide compassionate guidance and effective solutions to help you and your partner navigate the complexities of your relationship. With our couples therapy services, you can strengthen your bond, improve communication, and create a more fulfilling partnership. 

    Experience the Benefits of Couples Therapy 

    Couples therapy at our clinic in Rockville, Maryland, offers a safe and supportive space for you and your partner to explore your relationship dynamics, address conflicts, and enhance your emotional connection. Our licensed therapists specialize in working with couples, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise to every session. By investing in couples therapy, you can experience numerous benefits, including: 

    • Open communication – Improve your ability to effectively express emotions, needs, and concerns. 
    • Conflict resolution – Learn constructive techniques to navigate conflicts, resolve differences, and find mutually satisfying solutions that strengthen your bond. 
    • Deepened intimacy – Explore ways to reignite passion, intimacy, and emotional closeness with your partner. 
    • Relationship renewal – Rediscover the joy and fulfillment in your relationship by addressing underlying issues, building trust, and cultivating a renewed sense of commitment. 

    Tailored Couples Therapy Services for Lasting Results 

    The couples therapists at the Woolf Center take an individualized approach to therapy, tailoring the treatment to meet your unique needs as a couple. We understand that every relationship is different, and we will work closely with you and your partner to create a personalized therapy plan that addresses your specific concerns and goals. Our evidence-based techniques include emotionally focused therapy (EFT), which can help you and your partner identify and change negative interaction patterns, foster an emotional connection, and create a secure and lasting bond. We also offer sex therapy and relationship therapy to help strengthen your partnership.

    Speak to a Licensed Couples Therapist 

    If you and your partner are seeking professional support to strengthen your relationship, the Woolf Center is here for you. Contact us today to make an appointment at our clinic in Rockville, MD. 

    Meet The Team

    Julia Daniele | M.S., LGPC

    Julia Daniele | M.S., LGPC

    Julia is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, licensed in the state of Maryland, who received her Master of Science in Clinical Professional Counseling from Loyola University Maryland.
    Elana Woolf | LCPC, NCC, Clinical Supervisor

    Elana Woolf | LCPC, NCC, Clinical Supervisor

    Elana's family immigrated to the United States from Russia (formerly USSR) in the late 80's after being religiously and politically persecuted. She grew up in the DC area, attended Montgomery County Public Schools, and then went on to earn her Bachelor's degree from University of Pittsburgh in Psychology, Russian and Eastern European Studies, and Fitness.