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    Counseling Services

    Life is difficult and stressful at times but it doesn’t have to be like this all the time. The good news is we are here ready to listen. No matter how embarrassed or afraid you may be, you will not be judged here. Let’s break the barriers to get you past your challenges. Life is guaranteed to have bumps along the way but how you cope will determine your outcomes.

    We specialize in counseling services for teens and adults & as well as couples struggling with:

    • Anxiety and/or Depression: getting stuck, rumination, obsessions, fears
    • Relationship issues: romantic and/or friendships, loneliness, isolation 
    • Early to mid-career: job stress, perfectionism, team issues
    • Sex Therapy: pain, past trauma, lack of interest, sexual identity

    Whether this is your first time seeking counseling services or you are have worked with other therapists in the past, Elana Woolf Therapy will help feel comfortable and empowered during this process. You can learn from each and every life experience, even ones that are difficult.

    Elana’s warm, non-judgmental nature helps clients to work through their particular challenge(s). She empowers you and gently encourages a shift in order to break a cycle that is no longer serving you.

    Each session is geared towards you as an individual:

    • You will learn how the therapy process works and give you an idea of what to expect.
    • You will create goals and evaluate your road blocks.