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  • LGBTQ+ and Racial Identity

    Do you experience anxiety, depression, or stress related to living in today’s society as a member of a marginalized community?

    Have you experienced traumatic events based on your identity?

    Are you struggling with dealing with microaggressions in the workplace, school or in your day-to-day life?

    Have you experienced low self-esteem, bullying, fear or stigma based on your sexuality or race?

    Do you wish to talk to someone who understands the struggle of living in a cis-gendered white male dominated society?

    Regardless of sexuality, race, gender, ethnicity and ability, you deserve to be listened to and heard.

    Often, marginalized communities are vulnerable to traumatic events. Trauma does not have to be direct or interpersonal, but can come from institutional and systemic injustices: all experiences are valid.

    At the Woolf Center, we will work with you to

    • Develop healthy coping strategies
    • Explore and develop ways of empowerment in your everyday life
    • Learn effective and personalized self-care methods
    • Communicate with and create trusted support systems
    • Talk through the feelings involved in being a POC or member of the LGBTQ+ community

    The Woolf Center is an open and affirming practice that believes that black lives matter, that trans lives matter, that love is love and no one deserves to be treated differently based on their identity.

    No matter what, we will be here to listen.

    If you wish to talk about your experiences and struggles with your identity with a trained therapist with no judgment, please reach out to schedule your first appointment.