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  • How to Tell if You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

    people seem to be born with nerves on the outside of their skin. These people
    tend to be more sensitive than their parents, brothers and sisters, or the kids
    in their class. They can’t get through a movie (even a comedy!) or a TV
    commercial without shedding a few tears. The slightest bit of criticism causes
    them real pain, and they are empathic to anyone around them.

    are these people are told by everyone, “You’re too sensitive!” Well the truth
    is, some people are more sensitive
    than others. They are not only sensitive to emotions, but also to energy, sound,
    light, and other physical stimulus. These people are, literally, called Highly
    Sensitive People, or HSP for short.

    Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

    the following characteristics ring true for you?

    very emotional

    positive or negative, you experience emotions intensely, react strongly to
    them, and cry easily.

    very compassionate and generous

    have always been a natural caretaker, seeking to offer comfort and help to
    those who suffer. You also go out of your way to avoid offending anyone or
    hurting their feelings.

    sensitive to criticism

    doesn’t feel constructive so much as it feels personal and painful. You are not
    able to let it roll off your shoulders as others do, and therefore allow
    criticism to keep you safe in your comfort zone.

    feel different from everyone else and sometimes alone

    always known, or had it pointed out to you, that you were somehow different
    from everyone else. Because other people have told you that you need to
    “toughen up,” you see your sensitivity as a weakness and often feel alone.

    sensitive to external stimuli

    no one else around you seems to notice that the buzz of the overhead lights is
    driving you nuts! As is the sound of your coworkers chewing, the rough fabric
    of your shirt and the smell of the extravagant flower arrangement.

    overthink and worry

    notice every detail and overthink what should be a simple decision, like where
    to go for lunch. You also get stuck in the rehashing and what-if rut.


    walk into a room and instantly get a “feel” for it. You know how people are
    feeling. This is fine when the energy is positive, but when it’s negative…
    watch out!

    often tired and overwhelmed

    you deal with the emotions of yours and others, as well as so much stimulation
    all day-every day, you easily become overwhelmed by all of it and feel as
    though you need to sleep more.

    What You Can Do

    life as an HSP is not easy, but there are some things you can do:

    your sensitivity as a positive, not a negative

    yourself there is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone

    negative people, places and situations

    boundaries with people who take advantage of your compassion

    to relax through exercise and meditation

    yourself the same sympathy and kindness as you do others

    at any time you find yourself feeling depressed or anxious because of your
    sensitivity, it’s important that you seek the guidance of a therapist who can
    help you manage your emotions.

    you or a loved one are an HSP and would like to seek treatment options, please
    get in touch with me. I would be happy to speak with you about how I may be
    able to help.

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